Norbert Weisser in The Agency Norbert Weisser in The Agency
Norbert plays an excellent "villain" in the role of Konrad. He is not so much a villain as he is a person caught up in a life he can't escape. Norbert brings forth an incredible human quality as this character and is quite intriguing.
Konrad is an expert at seeing through agent's covers and puts Jackson/ Dobson to the ultimate test. However, Konrad is soon satisfied that "Dobson" is who he says he is and they proceed with their business. At one point, Jackson actually walks away from a rescue attempt by the CIA when they realize he has been "kidnapped" by Konrad. It's as if he has already made up his mind that he wants to save this special man and his son.
A cold, steely exterior gradually erodes away to reveal a warmer, more vulnerable Konrad, and then changes back to a man who has braced himself to accept an inevitable fate. The changes are almost chameleon in their nature and are fascinating to watch.
Will Patton and Norbert Weisser in The Agency Norbert Weisser in The Agency Norbert Weisser Will Parron and Gil Bellows in The Agency
Will Patton as Jackson Haisley, and Gil Bellows as Matt Callen, reluctantly leaving Konrad behind and in the hands of the Russian mafia.
Rene Heger as Berndt, Konrad's son. He is seen here being whisked away to safety by Jackson and Matt.
Magda Harout as Uta, former Stasi and associate of Konrad's, giving clues to Matt about the kind of man Konrad is and how dangerous he can be. Her character is fabulous in this episode.
Tushka Bergen as Gretchen, German Intelligence. She is working with the CIA to deliver the bogus weapons to the Russians and to help rescue Jackson.
Konrad manages to save his son. Jackon and Matt take him to go live with relatives in Chicago while Konrad returns home. The weapons deal gone bad, the Russian Mafia has list confidence in Konrad. He simply waits in his chair as the sound of angry voices and footsteps are heard as they approach his home...
With such a great cast (Rocky Carroll, Paige Turco, Will Patton) it’s a shame it was cancelled so soon and that only pirated versions are available.
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The Agency
Norbert appears as Konrad in the television series The Agency.  Konrad was an absolutely awesome character! This remains my very favorite character to this day. Unfortunately this series is not legitimately available on DVD. In this episode, Matt Callan and Jackson Haisley have been training an agent to work a weapons deal. The mission is in jeopardy when the agent recognizes the German front man that is approaching them as someone he already knows -- Konrad.  The agent ducks out and Matt attempts to stall for time not knowing what to do about the dilemma. Just then, Jackson steps in to the role of Dobson, a wine merchant who uses that trade as a cover to deal in weapons. Jackson ends up being taken to a secret location in Germany to complete the transaction.
The German man is Konrad and a former Stasi, the Secret Police of East Germany. He has been working with the Russian mob since the end of the cold war as a means to provide for himself and his son. The ex members of the Stasi were not much welcome in the new Germany given their history and methods, and the vast majority of them had an almost impossible chance of finding suitable employment, or any employment at all, for that matter.