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Hunter was a detective drama that ran for seven seasons from 1984 through 1991. The stars of the show were Fred Dryer as Det. Sgt. Rick Hunter and Stefanie Kramer as his partner, Det. Sgt. Dee Dee McCall. Fred Dryer was also the executive producer of over forty episodes and directed several of them. Hunter  made a come-back attempt in 2003, but only three out of the five commissioned episodes were shown on NBC.
Norbert Weisser in Hunter
In this first series of screencaps, Norbert's character Borson is at the police station with his attorney, after he was brought in for questioning and told he was actually the target of the latest hit.
This third season episode, Change Partners and Dance, aired in 1986. Hunter and McCall are separated by the new precinct leader and given new partners. They must work independently to solve the murder of another police detective. His murder followed the same pattern as other recent murders that had the appearance of mob hits.
Norbert appeared as Craig Borson, who was the target of one of the hits. He is brought in for questioning after his girlfriend ended up being the victim of the late night hit meant for him. She was accidentally killed instead of him due to a mistake in identity in the dark location where the hit took place. The killers were going after Borson because of his debts to his former employer, a mob leader who ran a gambling ring under the cover of a restaurant where Borson was employed.
Norbert Weisser
Borson later meets with his attorney in a secluded park location and asks what he should do since he is genuinely afraid for his life.
The attorney recommends he leave town, but they both realize he would be tracked down and killed anyway. His attorney pretty much just ends up leaving him hanging out to dry.
Hunter's new partner turns out to be Sgt. Traynor (Tim Thomerson who has worked with Norbert frequently in Albert Pyun movies), who is actually in on the hits and an associate of the mob boss. McCall soon realized that it was actually Hunter who wanted their partnership separation so he had an opportunity to work with Traynor. He was suspicious about his activities and had a hunch he was crooked, and wanted to catch him. In the next series of screencaps, Borson steps in to meet with his former employer to apologize for taking money from him and to arrange its return, begging him to spare his life and forgive him. The boss seems to be agreeable, but it is actually a set up for another attempt on Borson's life.
Fred Dryer and Tim Thomerson in Hunter Norbert Weisser in Hunter
The mob boss arranges to have Traynor do his hit on Borson, but Hunter and McCall follow Traynor to the meeting location where they arrive in the nick of time to save Borson and take down Traynor, by putting a bullet in his shoulder. They keep him alive so he can testify against the mob boss.
Fred Dryer as Det. Sgt. Hunter and Stefanie Kramer as Det. Sgt. McCall after they take down Traynor.
While Borson is waiting to return the money, he takes a phone call which is a set up for the hit by Traynor, and his arrest for his involvement in the gabling ring.
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