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Gemini Division
Gemini Division was a web-only series that did not air on television. The series ran in three to five minute segments. The series was produced by and starred Rosario Dawson. 
Hans told Anna that during the Cold War, his father had sold the patent for revolutionary gene therapy. It was stolen by the Stasi and used for medical experiments on prisoners. His father was despised by his peers for creating something that caused so much suffering. He had actually created it to do exactly the opposite -- to cure man's worst diseases. He hung himself and his body was found by an eleven year-old Hans. The Stasi then sold the patent to a biotech consortium who then modified it for war and used it to create the original Sims. Hans sees the Sim project as a validation of his father's vision, and now feels that the great work to cleanse his heritage can begin.
Norbert Weisser as Hans Dresner in Gemini Division
Hans tells Ana about his father's background and offers her a red rose.
Hans holds a gun on Anna when he finds out she is Gemini and an adversary, not realizing she is only out to seek the truth about the death of her fiance.
If you are looking for "Norbert specific" videos on You Tube, he appears in Video Files 38 through 42. The links to these video files are listed here: Gemini 38:  9-1-1 Gemini 39:  Anna’s Got a Gun Gemini 40:  Savior Gemini 41:  Amasso Gemini 42:  Thanatos
© norbert-weisser.com 2017  All rights reserved. All material used with permission. Please do not copy or distribute without written permission.
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Norbert is Hans Dresner, leader of the Sim Underground in this NBC.com web-only science fiction series about "Simulants" or Sims, bio-engineered life forms. Rosario Dawson, Executive Producer of the series, stars as Ana Diaz, a former NYPD undercover police officer turned Gemini Division agent who is seeking the truth about the murder of her fiance, one of the several hundred Sims that had been created and programmed to fight in the Iraq war. The cores at the center of the Sims' intelligence and actions have all gone bad; therefore they are all scheduled to be destroyed by Gemini. Anna holds the key to the termination dates and she turns them over to Hans. When the Sims reach their specific date, their cells turn cannibalistic and eat the live host, killing the Sim in a painful death. Hans and his team are working on a solution to that problem through the use of gene therapy. It took long enough for Norbert's character to appear in this series, but it was most definitely worth the wait! This character was quite enjoyable on many levels, even though there wasn't a lot of character develop-ment or screen time given the nature of this web series. I would have been much happier if there had been a lot more Hans Dresner in this show! Hans has become one of my favorites out of all of his characters, even though Konrad is in no danger of losing his commanding lead over everyone else...